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UCF’s Top Two NIL Collectives Announce Merger: Report

UCF’s top two NIL collectives have officially merged together in what could be a great opportunity for athletes. Mission control, a collective that works with NIL opportunities at the University of Central Florida announced on Monday afternoon that they would be merging with The Kingdom NIL in an effect to consolidate their work.

With the NIL deal being a foreign concept a few years back when the approval was received for NIL deals, many universities had NIL collectives rush to represent players all across the college sports spectrum. While the more the merrier is usually in effect, consolidating the collectives allows athletes and the university to work with one body rather than multiple in an effort to fund NIL opportunities.

UCF athletics will not only have one consolidated NIL collective but they will also more than likely be the topic of conversation for even further funding since the announcement that they would be joining the Big 12 Conference. With commissioner Brett Yormakr doing everything possible to ensure a smooth transition process from the AAC to the Big 12, UCF has a lot to look forward to.

The Knights kick off their season against Kent State on August 31st before taking a 19-hour trip to Manhattan KS on September 23rd to take on the defending champion Kansas State Wildcats.

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