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New York’s new NIL law is a win for Syracuse athletics

A few months ago a number of Syracuse Orange fans declared that the University wasn’t willing to do what it needed in today’s NIL landscape.

That opinion should be changed a bit by a New York law that was passed thanks to a large push from Syracuse. New York Governor (and Syracuse alum) Kathy Hochul signed the modified law which adds another layer of protection for New York colleges.

It’s unclear just how these state laws would hold up if challenged by the NCAA, but there is another benefit for schools in this new law, according to NIL experts.

“They said the new law would likely permit coaches to tell boosters how much money they believe is needed to field a competitive team and to allow them to encourage deals be made for specific athletes. The law would allow schools to become more active in helping raise money targeted for NIL deals and could allow schools to potentially take charge of those fundraising efforts.”

The ability for Syracuse coaches to be able to work directly with boosters, and have some legislation behind it, makes it easier for those conversations to occur. If the interpretation above is correct then Orange staff could work with boosters and the collectives to be transparent in their needs. We won’t be naive and think that other schools aren’t having those conversations, but extra insulation from NCAA scrutiny is never a bad thing.

Maybe this won’t make up for the loss of a significant booster, but it should make Syracuse fans feel a bit better about the University’s willingness to play in the modern NCAA landscape.

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