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Knowledge about Financial Literacy in College via the Blu$Gold Association

Financial Literacy Campus Organization working on advanced ways for Students to be Cognizant of their Expenditure!

Presently in its fifth year as a society, Blu$Gold student frontrunners have affiliated with Eau Claire area financial organizations, accounting companies, and nonprofits, agreeing to a UW-Eau Claire article created by Judy Berthiaume, Integrated Marketing & Communications Editor.

“Financial literacy is important to our lives,” Berthiaume said. “It’s also not somewhat we should fright.”

This organization aims to build and dispense a financial literacy curriculum to the superior Eau Claire area and the UW-Eau Claire site, as per Berthiaume's words.

Wyatt Haas, former Blu$Gold scholar leader and economics student affected by the aspects that make up the program.

Knowledge about Financial Literacy in College via the Blu$Gold Association

“Blu$Gold propose a handful of financial programs to fulfill everyone’s needs, whether they be workspaces of 100 participants or a minor group of business scholars,” Haas said.

Emily Huerta, a former ecological geography undergraduate, said she understood the reputation of Blu$Gold programs through her period as Leader of the organization.

“It was particularly beneficial to get basic data, even if it might be a reminder for some students,” Huerta said.

UW-Eau Claire students also produced platforms covering the Eau Claire financial and lodging markets, according to Haas.

Maddie Zenner, a fourth-year scholar, and existing treasurer of Blu$Gold, also deliberated future strategies for the organization.

“Microsoft Teams produces convenience — and reaching out to administrations could further financial literacy aims,” Zenner said.

Zenner told, she and Logan Erikson, a second-year economics student, have considered reaching out to nursing and teaching students.

teaching students

“The foremost thing is getting the word out, and ensuring that everyone recognizes that finance is so important in their profession,” Zenner said.

At the basis of the Blu$Gold programs, “(Logan and I) consider these skills are very energetic to a college career,” Zenner said. “This is the portion of our curriculum, but how do other students maintain themselves throughout school deprived of the knowledge?”

Conferences for the Blu$Gold organization do not have organized meeting dates and times, but that has a motive, according to Zenner.

“We want to emphasis teaching other groups what we recognize, whenever we get an opportunity,” Zenner said.

There are relations to Blu$Gold platforms in Microsoft Teams, so scholars can pick a maximum of 3 out of 9 skills to master.

“There are likewise one-on-one gatherings, if compulsory,” Hass said, “All of the sessions are allowed to students and the Eau Claire municipal.”

Mutually Zenner and Erikson have been workshopping financial literacy occasions for Blu$Gold student frontrunners.

“We rather this be seen as fewer of a club and extra of an outreach to other establishments,” said Zenner.

“We are confident that students live a more defensible life and can apprehend more about finance, and how they can generate the maximum from their money,” Zenner said.

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