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How Kobe Bryant Motivated Jean Montero’s Track to the NBA

There are numerous paths to the NBA external side of the traditional college route!

LaMelo Ball and R.J. Hampton were selected to play foreign in Australia's National Basketball League before arriving in the NBA draft. Luka Doncic, a global player, elected to stay in Europe and grow his game in the EuroLeague.

For the 2022 NBA draft view of Jean Montero, his path happened in the minor village of Villa Juana in the Dominican Republic.

How Kobe Bryant Motivated Jean Montero’s Track to the NBA

At seven years old, Montero walked through a TV that caught his eye. He'd never realized this game before. It was Los Angeles Lakers and the Kobe Bryant singing the Boston Celtics. He stood there for forty-five minutes, fascinated by the game of basketball and mostly Bryant.

"At that instant, Kobe encouraged me a lot to play basketball," Montero explained Yahoo Sports. "What I took from him as a competitor was only to not be afraid of anyone and just go get them. That Mamba attitude."

Montero sustained to work on his game, and others speedily realized he was worthy. Very noble.

At just thirteen, he played up 3 partitions in the FIBA Americas U16 Contest. 2 years later, he was averaging fifteen points at the FIBA U17 World Cup. Since then, he's played in the greatest reasonable league in grassroots basketball, Nike's Elite Youth Basketball League, and workwise in Spain for 2 years.

Previous spring, he became the leading international prospect to sign with the introductory league, Overtime Elite.

"After playing specialized overseas for the last 2 years, I recognized that joining OTE was the finest option for me as a competitor and my growth for the next level," Montero said.

Montero has been individual of the best players on the court all period. He commanded all players in recording with 368 points and has a great dream in the open court, having two sports with 10-plus assists. Once Montero is in the game, the pace changes, and his partners play at a higher level.

"We have a lot of young aptitudes here from the United States, and I've functioned on being a leader on the court. I've been learning a lot from my co-players, and it's facilitated preparing me for the next level in the NBA," Montero said.

After Bryant was discharged, Montero observed a lot of Paul George and Chris Paul. At 6-foot-3, Montero appreciates he'll have to be a shifty, cool point guard who can generate for others at the next stage — something Paul has achieved during his 16-year profession in the NBA.

Yahoo Sports' newest mock draft has Montero expected as a first-round pick. Throughout the last 2 steady season games, there were extra than 25 scouts viewing Montero and other potential draft choices.

"Having NBA scouts in the construction inspires me a lot since I want to express to them what I'm about," Montero said.

The Dominican Republic is generally recognized for its baseball prospects and not unavoidably basketball, but Montero is expecting to change that and give young teens in Villa Juana someone to look up to.

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