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HHCA Produce Tough Road Win at Beach

Hilton Head Christian Institution girls’ basketball verified itself with a journey to Savannah on Friday, and the Eagles move toward a 29-27 win over Beach in an epic cautious struggle.

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Abby Peduzzi recorded 10 points, Devon Yarde increased with seven, and Skylar Smith and Kenzie Buchter each added six for the Eagles, who did a tremendous job at the defensive conclusion against an athletic and brilliant Bulldogs team.

HHCA Produce Tough Road Win at Beach

HHCA managed the Georgia Class 3A Bulldogs 17-9 at halftime and pressed it out to double numbers in the third quarter. The Eagles were still at eight with just three minutes left, but Beach ramped up the protective force and chipped away, dragging within two by 30 seconds left earlier to HHCA held on.

“The defensive pressure on their safeguards by Devon Yarde, Jaida Grayson, and Skylar Smith mutual with Buchter and Peduzzi’s inside existence neutralized the interior play of about very tall and athletic pillar players from Beach,” HHCA trainer Kenny Conroy explained.

HHCA (22-2, 10-0) wraps up the consistent season at home in contradiction to Holy Trinity on Monday.

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