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College football world reacts to hilarious NIL deal

The NCAA’s decision to allow athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness has led to some amazing new products and promotional deals, like Texas star running back Bijan Robinson’s new mustard brand called “Bijan Mustardson.”

The college football world was given another glorious set of NIL deals on Monday when Hooters announced that it had 51 offensive linemen from 10 different college football teams on Monday, including one extremely aptly-named player named Wing Green.

“For decades, the physical play, blue-collar mentality and on-field leadership of the offensive lineman has shined, but national praise and attention for these crucial players has all-too-often been sidelined,” Hooters Chief Marketing Officer Bruce Skala said in a statement. “We want to change the narrative and celebrate these elite student-athletes who play a pivotal role in making college football so thrilling and give them their fair share of the spotlight.”

Here’s a look at all 51 of Hooters’ new partners.

Naturally, the college football world had plenty to say about the news, with some making suggestions about how Hooters should use the offensive linemen in the company’s marketing. Perhaps an offensive lineman calendar is in the works?

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