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Beshear Signs Regulation Allowing KY’s Student-Athletes to Get Revenue by Name, Image, and Likness

Joined by state officials, institution’s leaders, coaches, and student-athletes, Gov. Andy Beshear signed the bill on Wednesday permitting student-athletes in Kentucky to obtain fair compensation for the usage of their name, image, and likeness.

In June of the previous year, after consulting with policymakers and universities, Gov. Beshear was the leading governor to sign an exclusive order immediately allowing students to get such reward after the U.S. Supreme Court administrated against the NCAA and its rules restraining educational benefits for institution players as part of their scholarships. Senate Bill 6 organizes the Governor’s Exclusive Order 2021-418 in state law.

Gov. Andy Beshear

Beshear signs regulation allowing Ky’s student-athletes to get revenue from the name, image, and likeness

“Today we are once again presenting some of that Team Kentucky spirit by functioning together – universities as well as the headship of both parties – to support our world-class student-athletes in Kentucky,” Gov. Beshear explained Wednesday after signing rule in the Statehouse Rotunda. “The Commonwealth of Kentucky will persist to apprentice best athletes, and once student-athletes select to come here to success with titles and enjoy our outstanding academic environment, they recognize they have the similar rights and chances as those in other states. We all agree, for every athlete, their name, image and likeness are their privacy and no one else’s.”

Kentucky General Assembly participants who funded the legislation voiced support for the Governor’s activities.

D-Louisville, Senate Minority Leader Morgan McGarvey, spoke his support for rewarding college athletes.

Sen. McGarvey filed many measures in previous legislative meetings relating to name, image, and likeness and explained he is thrilled to realize it cross the finish line.

Morgan McGarvey

Beshear signs regulation allowing Ky’s student-athletes to get revenue from the name, image, and likeness

“We’re not looking to harm or hurt college athletics or settlement the amateur feature of the game,” McGarvey further said. “With Senate Bill 6, we can ensure that these players are being treated honestly and justifiably for what they do.”

“As Coach (John) Calipari explained in his committee demonstration, SB 6 is ideal legislation that other federations or even the U.S. Congress should take attention to,” said Sen. Max Wise, R-Campbellsville, who supported the bill.

Many college leaders, athletic coaches, and student-athletes celebrated Gov. Beshear’s stroke.

“The Nation of Kentucky has shown again currently that it will be a commander in the name, image and likeness era, persisting the student-athlete-first mindset that our platform has been assembled on for years,” explained Kyra Elzy, University of Kentucky female’s basketball head coach. “I need to thank our national legislature, the governor, and the management at the UK for working together to sort student-athletes importance in the state of Kentucky. Today’s signing will have a momentous impact on young women in this public today and for years to come.”


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