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Sports In Contradiction of COVID to Start This Feb 2022

Cebu’s basketball public banded together to establish the ‘Sports against Covid,’ a sequence of basketball workshops and inter Native Government Unit (LGU) association slated on February 19 onwards initiating on the northern side of Cebu.

Apart from this, Cebu’s basketball community similarly pledged their provision to former Travel Secretary Joseph “Ace” Durano, who is working for governor in the May elections and moreover his running buddy, Vice Governor Hilario Davide III.

The Sports in contradiction of COVID program was theorized by the program’s organizer, Eric Tuadles, colleague of former PBA cagers Arnier and Calvin Tuadles.

Tuadles intellectualized the idea that came from gubernatorial applicant and former travel secretary Joseph Ace Durano to start a sports program to encourage health and wellness to the youth amidst the Covid-19 virus.

Though, he made it clear that their sports platform goes beyond policies.

Sports In contradiction of COVID to start this Feb

Sports Against COVID

Tuadles believed that it’s been a while since numerous of Cebu’s youth had involved in sports activities like basketball.

The ‘Sports Against Covid’ basketball program goals the public level, particularly, young ages 15 to 25 to contribute in their free basketball workshop and drill camp that lasts until April in all portions of Cebu Province.

The conclusion will be a province-wide basketball association in different age groups containing the LGU selection of players from their particular basketball workshops.

They also inspire all participants to get immunized first before they can join.

Tuadles and his group signed a contract to support Durano’s application and running mate, Davide III and fifth region's congressman Red Durano.

Sports In contradiction of COVID to start this Feb


Durano, for his share, recognized the PBA legends, coaches, referees, and Cebu’s basketball public for selecting to support him.

It’s such a great honor and what I can return is my 110 promises to back Sports against COVID.

I will give and guarantee that they will have a financial plan for logistics, capability and manpower so that they can produce brilliant players and the program would be widened.

Sports In contradiction of COVID to start this Feb

Solis, Cebu Basketball Community

Al Solis, a PBA legend thought him categorical to support Durano because of his tactics for the youth and sports were amongst his agenda.

Solis said he previously met Durano before, the after that had also participated in basketball game.

Durano said playing games had a lot of welfares for physical and mental fitness.

Sports In contradiction of COVID to start this Feb

International Sports Tourism

Durano said one of their importance development programmed was the grassroots sports platform for the youth.

We will startup International Sports tourism here so that we actually can have worldwide games. We can also express our talents, there are a lot who might play basketball here, and we’ll invite teams in supreme parts of the world so that our sports travel here in Cebu would develop bigger.

Sports In contradiction of COVID to start this Feb

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