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NCAA selects Teamworks to provide NIL services

The NCAA has selected Teamworks to provide name, image and likeness services to student-athletes and member schools. The national office will offer this new service to Division I institutions to facilitate seamless disclosures of NIL activities to Division I schools and the NCAA. Additionally, it will provide valuable education and insights into the evolving NIL environment. 

Under the agreement, Teamworks will develop a process to collect disclosures of NIL activities and create and provide educational materials to all NIL stakeholders. It also will build and maintain a registration process for agents and other professional service providers offering NIL services and make that registry available to student-athletes.

"We look forward to collaborating with Teamworks to bring some transparency to the NIL landscape and directly benefit student-athletes," said Dave Schnase, NCAA vice president of academic and membership affairs. "The company already has a broad presence beyond NIL within the NCAA membership, and we will capitalize on that presence to help student-athletes better navigate and make informed decisions in the NIL environment."

"Teamworks is excited to work with the NCAA to support student-athletes with their management of NIL," said Zach Maurides, CEO of Teamworks. "Since our inception, Teamworks has been focused on empowering the student-athlete by providing the most user-friendly and intuitive technology on the market. With this partnership, we are able to provide every NCAA student-athlete and their families with the education and tools they need to navigate their NIL journeys successfully." 

The registry will be voluntary and serve as a central repository for those interested in providing services to enrolled and prospective student-athletes. The registry will include both a ratings and a dispute resolution system, as well as background information about the third parties.

To support new Division I rules encouraging student-athletes to disclose NIL agreements that provide income of at least $600, Teamworks will offer a mobile-friendly, web-based solution to collect the information in an aggregated, de-identified database. The application will be available to student-athletes and their families, though some aggregate, de-identified data may eventually be used to inform policymaking.

The educational materials must reach a large number of stakeholders and facilitate national consistency in both electronic and in-person formats. Included topics will be NCAA legislation, tax implications, intellectual property, selecting professional service providers, responsible social media engagement and business startup strategies.

The new benefits will be available to student-athletes by Aug. 1.

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